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At Squiggy we've brought lay-by back. 

Zero interest, 3 months to pay. Secure your Squiggy today!!

10%-25% deposit down, you choose. You can pay out your lay-by at anytime within the 12 weeks and receive your Squiggy immediately. 

Don't miss out. It's easy and it gets your name on a Squiggy NOW. 

  1. Lay-by is available on all Squiggy E-Bike models with or without throttle.
  2. Make your selection and head to the shopping cart, select your throttle option, with or without.
  3. Select Lay-by as your payment option.
  4. Maximum term of lay-by is 3 months/12 weeks.
  5. Pay your deposit, this secures your Squiggy. Your Squiggy is available and waiting for you for delivery from this moment. 
  6. Your Squiggy will be allocated to you and you will receive a Squiggy Identification Number, this individual number appears hot stamped on the frame of your Squiqqy.
  7. You will make your payments via PayPal. You will pay a one off 1.9% administration fee to Paypal at time of placing the order. Paypal will send you all details and you will recieve a confirmation of order from Squiggy and Paypal
  8. You can pay down as quickly as you like. Minimum payment terms are monthly payments.
  9. Your Squiggy is available to you as soon as you make your final payment.
  10. You can elect to pick up in Fitzroy or we can ship free to you 95% assembled to Metro Australia. We can facilitate delivery to anywhere in Regional Australia at reasonable rates.
  11. Should you default on your minimum payments you will forfeit your 10% deposit, all other payments will be refunded. Please write to if you are experiencing any difficulty.
  12. Squiggy’s Lay-By terms have taken the fair test and are in line with Australian Consumer Law.

Why choose us?


Who and what is Squiggy? At its most practical, Squiggy is an electric micro transport company. Self propelled motion with the advantage of class leading electric technology.Squiggy serves to increase our individual roaming range without the need for a car or state based transport.

And world peace

Spiritually speaking, Squiggy is an alternative take on movement and the world.Working to create and grow individual freedoms through motion. Offering transport opportunity to foster a wider sense of community and togetherness. Some say Squiggy can be described as a feeling, a vibe, a positive attitude.

I am Squiggy.

Self propelled motion with the advantage of class leading electric technology.


I said upside down you’re turnin’ me, you’re givin’ love instinctively...

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