Affirming existence.
Who am I? The toughest of existential questions.
I am Squiggy.
Who and what is Squiggy?
At its most practical, Squiggy is an electric micro transport company.
Self propelled motion with the advantage of class leading electric technology.
Squiggy serves to increase our individual roaming range without the need for a car or state based transport.
Spiritually speaking, Squiggy is an alternative take on movement and the world.
Working to create and grow individual freedoms through motion.
Offering transport opportunity to foster a wider sense of community and togetherness.
Some say Squiggy can be described as a feeling, a vibe, a positive attitude.
Ride a Squiggy for the excitement of it or the practicality, both are within reach. And, just maybe if we are all a little bit more Squiggy, the world has a better chance.
Ride. And world peace.