Class leading warranty for Squiggy peace of mind.

Warranty Period

- 1 year warranty on your Squiggy Bike

What does the warranty cover?

Manufacturers faults and failures.

Original Purchasers of Product where a Receipt is Presentable


  • Misuse (eg. impact, collision or freestyle activities) 
  • Water, natural disaster, fires, storms or floods
  • Foreign objects or debris
  • Incorrect fitment, installation or assembly
  • Fitment, Repairs or Services undertaken by unauthorised persons or companies unless otherwise permitted by Squiggy
  • Freight or Transport (Please opt for shipping insurance at the checkout if you require)
  • Wear and Tear items eg. Tyres, Tubes, Bearings, Brake Pads, Discs, Seats, Perishables or Fluids.
  • Lack of servicing or upholding the regular maintenance schedule as outlined on your manual. 
  • Modification, Alterations, and DIY Installation of parts or accessories on foreign product that are not supplied as original by Squiggy or where the device is altered from it's original manufacturers state




We customer safety seriously and with this in mind we hereby declare that any modification, alterations, and installation of parts that are not Squiggy parts or supplied as original equipment by the manufacturer are not covered by warranty.

Squiggy will void any product warranty immediately and not take any responsibilities for any problems arising from modifications, alterations, or aftermarket replacement on the following parts (including but not limited to): battery, motor, controller, throttle, transmission system, suspension systems and braking systems, etc.

Such modifications or alterations may pose serious safety risks that could lead to injury or death.