Class leading warranty for Squiggy peace of mind.
Warranty Period - 1 year limited warranty on your Squiggy with 4 years on the frame construction.
What does the warranty cover?
Manufacturers faults and failures. Does not cover misuse.

Register your Squiggy - Step 1.
When you get your Squiggy make sure you go to and register.
Things to know -
* Your responsibility is to maintain your Squiggy, service and lubricate it regularly.

* Give it the love it requires and keep it safe from harm.

* If you modify or you don’t follow the instructions when you build your Squiggy you can’t expect to maintain a warranty. 

* Your Squiggy warranty doesn’t cover fair wear and tear. 

What to do if something goes wrong?
First make sure you followed Step 1. 
Then to and send a message describing the problem.  If it’s easy we will write back with what to do, if it’s hard we will call you to get you sorted.